Monday, December 10, 2012


Hiatus in Textus

[Trans. "A gape in the text." No, that doesn't mean the text is shocked. It's just a notation historiographers use to indicate a lacuna, usually where text has been inadvertently lost or destroyed.]

I'm taking a short break from Celeste to work on formatting a pair of books for Kindle. The first—Otherwise, and Otherwise—is a science fiction, fantasy, horror short fiction collection and will include some of the stories I've shared here on my blog. I'll let everyone know when it's available on Amazon. I promise it will be reasonably priced.

The second book is my urban fantasy novel, Boys Will Be Girls. Despite heavy reliance on magical elements, this novel is a serious examination of the flow of power across gender lines.

The bad news (for a few folks) is that I probably won't be submitting my next part of Celeste until at least January. I say "probably" because sometimes I have flashes of insight that just won't be denied. If that happens, I'll go ahead and post.

The good news—for all you budding authors out there (*cough* Ariel *cough*)—this is your chance to slip in your own Celeste chapter. Despite the work I'm doing on my ebooks, I will post any acceptable entry to Celeste that anyone out there wants to send to me either as a blog comment or as an MS Word doc (or docx) or OpenOffice document file.

Yes, you read that right. I said "acceptable." So, you're probably asking yourself, Who the hell is he to decide whether my writing is acceptable? The answer, of course, is I'm the blog owner and half-copyright owner of Celeste. (Yes, Crystal also has to find it acceptable.) Don't worry. We're pretty easy-going editors as Celeste goes. I'll correct any spelling or grammatical errors and return galleys before asking Crystal's approval on any piece submitted. Sadly, the only payment you'll receive will be that warm sense of accomplishment you get when someone quotes your work online.

Who knows? Maybe you'll be the author who makes this into a masterpiece? Anyway, it's fun. Give it a shot. Fill this gap I'm leaving.

I dare you.

I double dare you.

I'll be watching.

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  1. I think saying we are pretty easy going is definitely a fair statement. This is not meant to be a great work of literature, but a writing exercise.

    I will say I am saddened to see Celeste be put on the back burner, but I know all too well that other things are definitely more important. I look forward to seeing the books make it to Amazon. I can't download them but I can cheer you from the sidelines. :)