Thursday, April 17, 2014

Expanding My Offerings

I have some excellent works, some previously published, some a little too out there for the current markets, and I've decided to make them available for purchase in the Amazon Kindle Store. This way, I get the stories out in ebook format so they're easier to read for all you Kindle lovers. Because they're single stories, I've marked them at the Amazon rock bottom price of $0.99 apiece, about the cost of a candy bar. fair warning, these particular confections both deal with psycho-killers. This is not YA fiction.

"Otherwise" was my first professional science fiction sale back in the early 90s. The story appeared in a slightly different form and under a different title in the now-defunct Aboriginal Science Fiction. "Otherwise" was born from one of those old standard SF what-ifs. What if we discovered a way to travel between the stars, through a hyper-dimensional, super-aethereal space time, but found that in that otherspace, only a schizophrenic pilot could navigate the shifting causalities. How would we ensure the safety of the ship, passengers, and cargo with a psychotic driving? Who would pilot the pilots?

The other new offering is "The Mentor," which has not seen publication anywhere else and might be classified as horror, police-procedural, dark fantasy, or even splatterpunk. With the airwaves filled with serial killers—Dexter, Criminal Minds, and Hannibal being perhaps the three principal purveyors of serial killer fare—it's become difficult to find a market for stories on that topic. Honestly, I haven't seen good serial killer fiction published since Poppy Z. Brite gave us Exquisite Corpse back in 1996. I think you'll find "The Mentor" offers a fresh take on dealing with a serial killer.

Both of these offerings have the Amazon Look inside feature, so you can get a glimpse of what you'll get when you purchase the story. I hope you enjoy these.


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